Fees and Finance Plans

All treatment is undertaken on a private patient basis. We know orthodontic treatment is expensive, which is why we will endeavour to make it affordable by offering flexible payment plans. After all, being able to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of, should be available to everyone.

Mary will provide you with a quote for the treatment she recommends at the end of your consultation. The orthodontic fees quote are all-inclusive with no hidden costs: they cover all your active appliances, the treatment, the visits as well as first retainers (i.e. the devices that hold your teeth in position) and the supervision and maintenance of retainers for up to 12 months following the completion of active treatment. 

Orthodontic treatment fees vary according to the type, complexity and duration of your treatment need. However, the following pricing is a useful guide:

  • Consultation without report: from £210
  • Consultation with report: from £260
  • Removable braces: from £1500
  • Functional braces: from £2950
  • Invisalign: from £3500
  • Labial braces: from £2950 per arch
  • Lingual braces: from £4800
  • Study models: from £75
  • Replacement of removable retainer: from £250
  • Replacement of bonded retainer: from £380
  • Mandibular advancement device: from £1500
  • X-rays: from £50 and made payable to the Cavendish Imaging

After the consultation a report will be sent to you stating the treatment fees for the orthodontic treatment options available to treat you or your child.

We accept all major credit/debit cards, cheques and cash.

Making treatment affordable - 0% finance plans
We offer interest-free financing option to spread out the total cost of payments across treatment.  Normally, 50% of the total treatment fee is payable prior to the start of treatment and the remaining balance can be paid in installments usually between 3 to 12 months depending on your treatment length by setting up a monthly standing order.